¿Quiénes somos?

Who are we?

Customs clearance, as a process, starts with a preliminary planning, continues with the customs procedure and, finally, electronic files must be kept available to the authority. At Tradelink Pacifico we are not a Customs clearance company; we are a Customs service company. Because Tradelink accompanies you throughout the process of customs clearance, which ensures compliance with regulations in customs and foreign trade.

Why we are the best option?

Two simple reasons distinguish us: Honesty, and Results that give confidence to our clients. Performing always with honesty is one of our hallmarks, and the fact that we understand your business and give results are the foundations for which our clients trust us. We make your foreign trade operations easy. You will feel that importing and exporting with us will always be simple and without complications: that is our Vision.

Quality Politics

Tradelink is committed to offer a Logistics Service and Customs clearance process attentive, prompt and error-free, which provides results and confidence to our customers, always working on continuous improvement.


We are concerned that importers receive their cargo, and exporters send their merchandise abroad, in a fast, friendly and accurate way.


Make operations easy for our customers


  • Honesty
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Commitment
  • Respect


Discover what companies say about us

Ana López

“We are very grateful to Tradelink for all their attentions and the help given to our offices. We are very happy with the service you give us.”

John Stone

“Thanks for your compliment and Thanks for your hard work to make our shipments smoothly.”

María Jiménez

“Thank you very much for the speed of the service, every day you notice the improvement of your processes and always very reliable and efficient.”

Alberto Sosa

“Very satisfied with the service received. They have done an excellent job with our important export, we are sure that we will work with you in our next exports.”

Alma Solís

“I want to express my congratulations for having an excellent staff. The customer service has been impeccable, they have a high sense of responsibility and they are really wearing the company shirt.”

Samuel Orellana

“We greatly appreciate the support provided, they are the best service providers with whom we have worked. The personalized attention and professionalism of the whole team is to be admired. ”