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Why import with us?

About TradeLink Pacífico

TradeLink Pacífico is a customs agency that assists you as your shipment clear customs, which guarantees the process is completed in matters having to do with customs and foreign trade. We make it easy for you.

For us, customs clearance begins with prior planning, continues with the customs procedures, and ends with the safeguarding of the electronic records made available to the appropriate authority.

For this reason we consider TradeLink Pacífico not simply as a customs clearing agency. We are a 24/7 customs agency service.

TradeLink Pacífico Customs Agency is committed to offering courteous and prompt logistics and customs clearing services that are free of error. We proved results and confidence to our customers, always working to improve.

To offer importers and exporters a Customs Clearance service that is fast, simple, accurate and attentive, through logistics coordination and expedited expense account delivery.

To make the transactions easy for our customers.

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  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continual improvement
  • Speed and precision
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