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Benefits of our import service

  • Promptly clearing customs: customs clearance and logistics is an integrated service with only one contact.
  • Excellent attention and service: the greatest accessibility and attention to the status of your shipments.
  • We make it easy: We expedite your operations, always complying with regulations.
  • Tariff consultations: professional advice regarding tariff classifications and regulations.
  • Extra fast expense accounts: 100% deductible and without hidden charges.
Our Certifications
Quality Custom Brokers
Certificación OLA
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How do we import?

Our import process

Advanced planning

The different scenarios of the operation are envisaged in order to avoid delays due to requirements, permits, taxes, records, special labels, costs, and other such things that can cause setbacks during the operation or, in the worst of cases, prevent its success.

The scenarios begin with the registration of the importer in the Registry of Importers. Afterwards, one must check how much to pay for taxes on the products and which regulations must be satisfied to import. Finally, a plan is drawn up for the transportation from the origin abroad to delivery of the product to your warehouse.

Customs procedures

The process of customs clearance has a series of customs, administrative, fiscal, inventory control, and even criminal implications; it is advisable to seek support from an experienced and qualified customs agency.

Safeguarding electronic records made available to the appropriate authority

By this we refer to the electronic and digital documents that today make up the record of foreign trade and should be conserved and safeguarded for 5 years.

En At TradeLink Pacífico 24/7 Customs Agency Service, we are committed to offering courteous and prompt logistics and customs clearing services that are free of error. We proved results and confidence to our customers, always working to improve Do you have a doubt or commentary?

We are waiting for your call.

(753) 537 5973

(753) 537 5973

Our experience

Import products


Fruits, dairy, seeds, and fish.

We have the specialization in transacting business with the Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development (Secretaría de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural or SADER) that need to be coordinated, as well as the support the acquire sanitation authorizations from the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios or COFEPRIS).


Speed in clearing customs

Health authorizations from the Secretary of Health (La Secretaría de Salud or SSA): processing documents online on behalf of the customer.

Personalized service.

Coordination: liaison between authorities, carriers, and customs that expedites the dispatch.

Comfort: the customer submits documents and knows that TradeLink Pacífico will follow up punctually

TLCs : use and application of preferred tariffs.

Home furniture

Faucets and furniture for bathrooms, living rooms, and offices; interior and exterior lighting.

Wide experience in clearing diverse types of furniture for the home and office, and inspection by the Federal Attorney's Office for Environmental Protection (Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente or PROFEPA) for those made of wood, as well as compliance with the Mexican Official Standards (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas or NOMs) and labels for lighting.


Speed in clearing customs.

Proactive follow-up on your shipments, including the resolution of problems that might occur.

Reduction in costs  due to expedited dispatch.

Coordination with forwarders of the customer.

Automotive suppliers

Auto parts, repairs. Automotive modules, molds and casting materials; machinery and production lines.

We have the experience to comply with the timeframes of customs and, at the same time, we facilitate your operations, including oversized products.


Quality and security: we have certifications in quality material (International Organization for Standardization or ISO) and security (Certified Logistics Operator [Operador Logístico Acreditado or OLA]).

Very quickly clearing customs.

Control: provide electronic and digital records of every dispatch that should be recorded in accounting (the government oversees them by utilizing development programs of the Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Exports Services Industry (Industria Manufacturera, Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportación or IMMEX).

Development programs: correct implementation of IMMEX, the Sectorial Promotion Programs (Programas de Promoción Sectorial or PROSEC), the Eighth Rule and Quotas.

Flexibility: with regard to the suitability of your various, different needs (quality control, coordination, dispatch, accounting, etc.)

Follow-up:  information about the status of your shipments from the arrival at the port to delivery to the carrier.

Solar heaters

Solar heaters and their repairs.

Sensibility in handling products that have a high percentage of glass, such as solar heaters, and their diverse sizes and capacities.


Speed in clearing customs.

Logistic support for a quick clearance in customs in order to coordinate with distributors and carriers.

Consultation in matters regarding customs and foreign trade.

Importing playthings

For boys and girls, mechanical and electrical, as well as board games and accessories for sports training.

This is a highly specialized sector, and we have proven experience complying with the Mexican Official Standards (NOMs), trademark licenses, labels, sanitation notifications, and applications of quotas.


Consultation in matters of tariff classifications and determination of non-tariff regulations and restrictions.

Speed in clearing customs

Sanitation notifications from the Secretary of Health (La Secretaría de Salud or SSA): we process them for the importer.

Reduction of risks in clearing customs by taking care of all the formalities.

Stationery items and crafts


Speed: in clearing customs.

Flexibility: with regard to the suitability of your various, different needs (quality control, coordination, dispatch, accounting, etc.)

Proactive follow-up on your shipments, including the resolution of problems..

Security doors

Locks, safety boxes, and security doors for domestic and commercial use.

Consultation on the importation of electric security doors and locks.


Reduction in costs due to expedited customs clearance.

Comfort: the customer submits documents and knows that TradeLink Pacífico will follow up punctually.

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