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Why export with us?

Benefits of our exportation service

  • Promptly clearing customs: customs clearance and logistics is an integrated service with only one contact.
  • Excellent attention and service: the greatest accessibility and attention to the status of your shipments.
  • We make it easy: We expedite your transactions, always complying with regulations.
  • Tariff consultations: professional advice regarding tariff classifications and regulations.
  • Extra fast expense accounts: 100% deductible and without hidden charges.
Our Certifications
Quality Custom Brokers
Certificación OLA
Certificación ISO 9001-2015
How do we export?

Our export process

Advanced planning

Strict coordination with the exporter to receive their shipments in the port and document them in time before shipping companies and terminals for an expeditious and precise dispatch.

Customs procedures

The process of customs clearance has a series of customs, administrative, fiscal, inventory control, and even criminal implications; it is advisable to seek support from a an expert and qualified customs agency that assures the cargo is loaded on the ship.

Safeguarding electronic records made available to the appropriate authority

By this we refer to the electronic and digital documents that today make up the record of foreign trade and should be conserved and safeguarded for 5 years.

At TradeLink Pacífico 24/7 Customs Agency Service, we are committed to offering courteous and prompt logistics and customs clearing services that are free of error. We proved results and confidence to our customers, always working to improve Do you have a doubt or commentary?

We are waiting for your call.

(753) 537 5973

(753) 537 5973

Our experience

Export products


All types of perishable products: agriculture and livestock; fresh, processed, and frozen.


Speed: in clearing customs
Late arrivals: handling urgent shipments that arrive to the ship just before the closing date.
Proactive and continual follow-up on your shipments, including the resolution of problems, so that the merchandise is taken out of the country by exportation.

Reimbursement of IMMEX companies

(Program of Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Exports Services Industry).

We have the experience and specialization in handling legal requirements to reimburse companies that have development programs, such as IMMEX (Program of Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Exports Services Industry).


Comfort: the customer submits documents and knows that TradeLink Pacífico will follow up punctually.
Punctual dispatch: result of the cargo being loaded on the ship without setbacks.

Flexibility: with regard to the suitability of your various, different needs (quality control, coordination, dispatch, accounting, etc.)


Plastic and metal


Punctual dispatch: result of the cargo being loaded on the ship without setbacks.

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